The obsessing with cleaning: enough is enough

The obsessing with cleaning: enough is enough

The extensively documented symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is cleaning and washing. People who have OCD are depicted as the permanently engaged in decontamination acts that are compulsive. The people who compulsively or instinctively wash and clean are divided into two different groups.

First category is for the people who try to avoid being debilitated or spreading and dispersing harm to other people through contamination. The other category include the people can already feel the effect of a contamination and have some sorts of distress, but are not worried in any way.

The first group has people who are normally worried about the contamination because it might cause sickness or disease bringing them down. These fears may result in spreading of the contamination to the other people. As a remedy to the problem, washing rituals are conducted in order to put off the perceived dangers contamination.

Contamination fears

The fear of contamination is an example of the most common obsessions and has been proven to be a great factor contributing to the obsessive themes in United States, where modular clean rooms have been developed and are so widespread. Naturally, the worry about contamination is simply for the reason that, it causes illnesses that can sub sequentially lead to death or blindness. For instance, someone can be worried about toxic and contaminations like asbestos, x-rays because they can lead to development of diseases like cancer.
Signs of OCD

  • A person who is afraid of contamination will clean and wash excessively. They can wash hands many times in day and cannot even touch the tap with their fingers after they have cleaned their hands. They also engage in excessive bathing, teeth brushing and grooming.
  • A person who cleans household items or things such as shoes, cell phone credit cards and other things that do not need to be washed may have contamination OCD.
  • They are also concerned about contaminations and will do a lot to avoid getting dirty. Some cannot even touch their shoes and use tissue to open the door knob.